About me

   My name is Paweł Mazowiecki. At the start I would like to say, that I am a heavily addicted person to physical exercise, I love sport! It is an inseparable part of my life, and why? Well, since an early age I was interested in sports gymnastics, handstands or different kind of air flips, and despite of my actual measurements, I can still do this today. Passion is my passion, while my sporting career includes mainly two disciplines. The first of these was martial arts- karate kyokushinkai, which I practiced for 4 years as a general physical condition. The second, main discipline was athletics, and more specifically sprint running. What can I say, something beautiful, the best days of my life were during high-speed training. Where do these emotions come from, where is this discipline from? I started running in 2007, i.e. II year high school, being an average boy looking for more challenges. I felt better after every single workout, my confidence increased with every drop of sweat, given in return for a very good job. Sport has created in me a strong charisma, individualism and discipline. I know, that in exchange for a hard and reliable job I will get what I want. This translates into life, now as almost 30 years old guy, I can say, that if we work hard for something, we are able to achieve everything, exactly everything!

As I mentioned before, this wonderful adventure lasted for 8 years, where injuries stopped me from achieving great successes. An inseparable element of the sprint is strength training and that’s what I started to be interested in without a second thought, after finishing my career to improve my physique. Thanks to the great interest in this topic and great progress of my obdy, I decided to train and learn in this area to help people realize their dreams.. So from 2013, I work as a personal trainer.

Sport is sport and education? I am a graduate of the Lublin University of Technology on Management, because I am very interested in entrepreneurship, right next to sport and motorization.