PERSONAL TRAINING…but how does it look like?

Probably many people wonder, what type of training I prefer. Do I adapt to client’s expectations and what prevails in my classes.

In the pre-interview, before the start of cooperation, we fill out the training and medical form, which will contain all information about the health status of the client, including all injuries and hospitalization, that was in the past. I try to learn about the active lifestyle (experience) of the client and his training preferences. It is mainly about choosing between functional training, aimed at improving endurance,or strength training, based on resistance machines, or free weights.

Having the above information, I am able to set an appropriate training plan, that meets the client’s expectations, to make every workout  with a smile, not compulsion 🙂 Moreover, due to the fact that I was an athlete, I like endurance training and, if the client gives me a free hand, that’s what we will be basing on!